About the Practitioner

Paiton Milbourne of Paiton Milbourne Massage Therapy LLC, Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified, State Certified, Associates in Massage Therapy from CCBC in 2010 trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Pregnancy Massage, incorporating Cranio-Sacral, Sport and Trigger point techniques into each massage as needed.

I believe, to be able to heal, you must work the muscles 360 in bringing balance to the body.  By recongnizing the problem/painful area, you work the the muscles around that area, as well as receiving a full body massage. Muscles must be worked insertion to insertion, in order to be able to completely relax a muscle, from compensation, repetative strain or injury.

I enjoy my work very much, making each long day, physically and emotionally fulfilling. My journey started when I was a Chiropractic Assistant wanting to help people with their pain.  Now as a Licensed Massage Therapist, knowing that I can relieve your pain and help you relax from the day to day nuances of life while lowering your blood pressure, increasing the endorphins bodies natural painkiller that make you feel good, decreasing inflammation, increasing immunity-lymphatic flow, decrease spasm and cramping, post-surgery adhesions and swelling, increase joint flexibility, alleviate low-back pain and increase range of motion.  Falling asleep is welcomed, no judgements and a safe environment provided for you to relax completely.  Breathe.

I indulge weekly with massage that keeps me healthy and sane in dealing with life and loving my family, unconditionally.  My husband of 25 years, two children and I  enjoy camping, traveling, music, reading, hiking and sports. Life is about the memories you create, so seize the moment and enjoy life doing what you love!